World War 1 - German Infantry  
FW006 Marching German Officer $49
FW008 Marching German Bugler $49
FW009 Marching German Rifleman $49
FW014 Standing Firing German Rifleman $49
FW015 Kneeling firing German Rifleman $49
FW017 Running German with Rifle & Bugle $55
FW022 Standing Loading Rifle $49
FW023 Kneeling Loading Rifle $49
FW050 Officer with Pistol & Field Telephone $65
FW051 Grenadier Set 2pc $95
FW052 German Machine Gun Set $99
FW053 Kneeling Firing Rifleman $49
FW054 Standing Firing Rifleman $49
FW055 Standing with Rifle & Bayonet $49
FW056 Standing Sniper $49
FW057 77mm Artillery set 1917 $225
FW099 Albatros DV but no Herman Goering $119
FW105 Albatros DV with Werner Voss $225
  British Infantry  
FW048 Lewis Gunner $69
  French Infantry  
FW063 French Marching Officer $49
FW064 Marching Poilus, 3pc $129
FW065 Marching French Soldier $49
FW068 Drum Major $49
FW069 Drummer $49
FW070 Marching Bugler $49
  Remember The Alamo  
RTA005 Mexican Flag Bearer $55
RTA008 Mexican Kneeling Firing $49
RTA021 Joseph Ker, LA-firing pistols $49
RTA045 Kneeling firing Mexican Soldier $49
RTA050 Fighting Colonel Travis $39
  American Civil War  
  83rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiment  
CW028 Kneeling Firing $49
CW029 Standing Firing Rifleman $49
CW030 Kneeling Ready $49
CW033 Standing Loading $49
CW034 Standing with Ramrod $49
CW037 Bugler $49
CW041 Mounted Bugler $125
CW045 Mounted Confederate Mounted Firing Carbine $125
  World War II - Fields of Battle  
FOB024 Kneeling British Officer with Binoculars $49
FOB025 British Vickers Machine Gun set $79
FOB026 British Lying with Bren Gun $59
FOB028 British Kneeling firing Rifleman $49
FOB029 British Standing firing Rifleman $49
FOB030 British Kneeling Tommy Gunner $49
FOB032 French Standing Firing Rifle $49
FOB033 French Lying Firing Rifle $49
FOB034 French Office in Action $69
  Napoleonic War  
  British 71st Highlanders  
NA06 Kneeling Ready $59
  Black Watch  
NA047 Mounted Black Watch Officer $95
NA048 Standing firing $45
NA049 Standing Ready $45
NA050 Kneeling Firing $45
NA051 Sergeant Attacking with Pike $49
NA052 Drummer Using the Butt $49
NA054 Lunging with Bayonet $45
NA055 Advancing with Rifle $45
NA169 Standing to repel $45
NA083 Scots Grey Standard Bearer $129
  The French  
NA060 Guardsman with Rifle Marching $49
NA197 French Line Artillery, Alternative 3pc Gun Crew $120
NA198 French Line Artillery, Howitzer cannon $75
NA167 Charging Dutch Lancer Officer Mounted $125
  Sons of The Empire  
SOE001 Skinner's Horse Indian Subahadar $125
SOE012 Mounted British Officer $125
SOE010 Ludhiana Sikha Regimental Dummer $49
  Medieval Knights  
MK061 Loading Saracen Archer $49